Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Why Do You Get Headaches?

Knowing what causes your headaches is an important step in treating them. It is a good idea to first have a physical examination to make sure you are in good health.

There are many reasons why people suffer with headaches. Take an active role in assessing your particular causes by playing a detective-type role. Below are some of the main contributors to headaches to help you get started in your investigation.

-Some people have a genetic predisposition to headaches. If this is so, other family members will also experience headaches.

-The way we were brought up can play a significant role in our health due to learned habits of coping or caring for ourselves. All kinds of physical problems, including headaches, can manifest if one has been brought up in an abusive family situation.

-Medications can play a part in the development of headaches. Be sure to ask your doctor if headache pain can be a side effect of any medications you are on.

-Dietary factors are another consideration. Sometimes people are successful in eliminating certain foods, one at a time, to see if their headaches stop or are less frequent. You may also be tested for food allergies.

-Psychological problems such as repressed emotions, depression, fear, anger and stress can lead to headaches.

-Physical disturbances in the body such as digestive problems or nutritional deficiencies can lead to headaches. Again, consult your health care practitioner.

-Environmental factors play a large role in the development of headaches. These include weather changes, chemicals or certain odors, to name a few.

-Hormone imbalances may be another consideration. This is another good reason to see your health care practitioner.

-When the structure of the body is not functioning properly it can lead to tightening of muscles, bringing on headaches. Also, problems with the cervical spine can lead to intracranial pressure causing headaches. Other structural problems could cause pinched nerves or blocked flow of fluids, both potentially leading to headaches. Structural problems should be evaluated by your health care practitioner, especially your chiropractor or osteopath.

-Lifestyle factors such as disturbances of sleep patterns and other poor health care are considerations in the management of headaches.

Please note- you may experience headaches due to multiple causes and there may be other reasons, not noted here.

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms please consult your doctor immediately- -sudden changes in the severity of your headaches -changes in your memory, personality, behavior or consciousness -changes in your vision or ability to walk -if you are experiencing headaches constantly with no relief -if you are experiencing weakness, numbness, loss of senses, seizures, unexplained fever or fever with a stiff neck or rash, breathing problems, a sore throat or respiratory infection -if your headache came on after coughing, straining, exertion or injury

Hopefully this compilation of possible causes will help you uncover the reasons you experience headaches so that you can become "Headache Free & Naturally."

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