Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Migraine Home Remedies For Instant Relief

Migraines can be mild or severe. When it's mild, you will find the pain to be more of an annoyance. When it's severe, it can affect your focus and concentration and often times, you will find it hard to perform at work.

Many people are affected by migraine headaches every now and then. Fortunately, the pain is usually temporary and goes away after some time. Here are some recommended remedies that you can try to get some quick relief.

Tip 1: Proper rest. Sometimes, stress can be the primary cause of migraine headaches. If you have been under a lot of stress lately and you are starting to get migraine headaches, the first thing you should do is to stop your work and get some proper rest. That means taking the day off. No more phone calls and no more meetings. Take a warm bath and lie down. If you can, nap for a while. If not, simply keep your eyes shut and mediate.

Tip 2: A little massage goes a long way. Get someone to give you a head massage for instant relief. Do not underestimate the effectiveness of a massage. Of course, since you are feeling pain, whoever doing the massage should do it gently. The goal is to stimulate blood circulation and promote healing. In addition, a quick massage gives you a short break from work, which may be exactly what you need to get relief from migraine headaches. If no one else is around you, just stop whatever you are doing and give yourself a head massage. It can be just as effective.

Tip 3: Applying medicated oil. Oils like peppermint have been known to relief pain and aches. They are usually applied externally on areas where the pain is felt. Applying the oil has the same effect as giving a massage. You are essentially using oils to promote blood circulation. The gentle rubbing movements of the fingers also create heat, which can also help relief pain.

Tip 4: Drink lots of plain, cool water! Sometimes, migraine can be caused by over-exposure to heat. You may not notice this consciously when you are in the sun. When you get back home, you start to feel pain in your head. This is a sign that you are dehydrated. To prevent this from happening, always drink water regularly. You should be extra mindful of your hydration on warm days. On warm days, due to the heat, your body loses water a lot quicker than normal. When the body starts to weaken, that is when migraine headaches set in.

Tip 5: Compression techniques. There are people who recommend using vegetable and fruit paste to apply on the head. While there is no scientific evidence supporting these techniques, there may be some truth in these recommendations. These methods probably work because of the pressure you apply on the painful areas.

Migraine headaches are both treatable and preventable. As a general rule of thumb, drink more water, get plenty of rest, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and exercise regularly. That should keep the headaches at bay.

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