Thursday, April 5, 2012

Commence Your Own Fight Against Sinusitis!

Do not leave yourself at the mercy of the doctors, when it comes to uprooting sinusitis from your system. Without even an ounce of doubt, a medical practitioner is needed to seek expert guidance and treatment for this chronic condition, but you can also play a vital role to bring down the sinus inflammation and relieve the resultant, severe headaches.

Acute sinusitis becomes much easier to treat with a two-pronged approach. Let your doctor slip in a drug regimen and the daily precautions you need to follow; at the same time, you can try out certain home remedies to have a distinctive edge against the causative pathogen.

Nevertheless, the following home remedies should not be taken as sure-shot ways to treat sinusitis. Take them as complimentary methods that will augment the effectiveness of your sinusitis treatment.

- Mango is not called the king of fruits only because of its mouth-watering taste. It is also called so because of its high nutrient content and medicinal properties. Since this vitamin A-rich fruit assists the formation of healthy epithelium, it can be consumed on a daily basis to ease the discomfort caused by aggravated sinusitis.

- Pungent vegetables are effective for treatment of inflamed sinuses. Especially, garlic and onion are recommended by alternative medicine experts to clear the phlegm-clogged sinuses and also to bring down the intensity of consequential headaches.

- A victim of acute sinusitis can use a tea made with fenugreek seeds to induce perspiration and discharge of accumulated toxins. To elaborate further, a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds should be soaked in 200 ml of water. Heat this mixture until it reaches half its size and then drink the same. This remedy can be used up to four times a day depending on the severity of the problem

- Another grandma remedy that can do wonders is intake of cumin seeds. These can be used in plentiful ways. For example: if your nose is terribly blocked and a great effort is required to catch the next breath, simply tie a teaspoon of cumin seeds in a thin cloth and inhale it to experience the blockage clearing off within no time. One can also mix a powder of roasted cumin seeds with honey to ease the severity of the symptoms.

If your sinusitis is showing no signs of improvement in spite of your strict adherence to the recommended drug regimen, you can try out the aforesaid herbal remedies to strengthen your immunity and get rid of headaches. A weakened immune system can be revived with the gifts from Mother Nature.

So, enhance your awareness about the best ways to keep sinusitis under check and enjoy healthy living.

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